Lit'l Coot

$5,699.00 each Weight: 1575 lb
Width: 48 in
Length: 96 in
Height: 20 in

The Litl Coot is a wonderful little pocket cruiser, ideally suited to the waters of Puget Sound or the inside passage.

She is trailerable on a small powerboat style trailer, and compact enough to store in the average residential garage. The bilge keels allow her to beach out level and upright if caught by the tide.

A 9.9 4 cycle outboard is about ideal, economical and quiet. On most small sailboats of this size the outboard is offset to clear the rudder. The result is that on either tack, the motor is not in an ideal position. Sam has solved that problem by fitting dual rudders. Superior.

The tabernacle hinged mast makes rigging at the boat launch a breeze. Simply raise the mast, attach the forestay to the anchor roller and pin the tabernacle. Easy.

The kit is assembled inverted over a computer-cut construction frame that indexes the bulkheads at the proper spacing, paralllel, axially-aligned and level. The hull panels are joined end-to-end with our engineered puzzle splices, avoiding the need for fiddly and difficult-to-align scarphing. From this sturdy foundation, you can be sure that you can build an accurate boat.

The basic kit is enough to build the bare hull, ready for rollover

The Litl Coot kit includes 20 sheets of BS1088 marine ply, the construction jig, plans and assembly instructions. It is shipped on a 4' x 8' x 20" pallet weighing 1575#.

This kit does not include dimensional lumber or plywood for soles or cabin tops, as those are best fit on-site. It also does not include cloth or epoxy, we can provide pricing on request.


Length:  17'-10 1/2"
Beam: 6'-11"
Draft:  1'-3"
Displacement: 2.300 lbs
1,044 kg
Hull Plating: 12mm marine plywood, stitch and glue construction
Ballast: 600 lbs
Sail Area: 156 sq ft
Height on trailer: 7'-6"