Cackler 14

Common price: $2,999.00 Our price: $2,999.00 each Weight: 876 lb
Width: 48 in
Length: 96 in
Height: 13 in

The Cackler is a new generation hunting skiff designed for hunting in areas where seaworthiness is essential and at a time of year when great distances may need to be covered in a hurry to avoid cold nasty weather. The Cackler will carry a load in those conditions of two to three men and gear. I have been hunting in 40 plus knots of wind with four hunters, three dogs, and six dozen decoys. She performed admirably and still got up on plane. The Cackler has an ingenious outboard well that accommodates up to a 35 hp outboard. Six-gallon fuel tanks fit under the rear deck on both sides of the well. The Cackler can be enlarged to 16 or 18 easily and is an outstanding performer.

The kit is assembled inverted over a computer-cut construction frame that indexes the bulkheads at the proper spacing, paralllel, axially-aligned and level. The hull panels are joined end-to-end with our engineered puzzle splices, avoiding the need for fiddly and difficult-to-align scarphing. From this sturdy foundation, you can be sure that you can build an accurate boat.

The kit includes all the plywood parts required to build this boat. Cloth, epoxy, fasteners and dimensional lumber are also available from us.

The Cackler hull kit includes cnc cut panels of BS1088 marine ply, the construction jig, plans and assembly instructions. It is shipped on a 4' x 8' x 13" pallet weighing 876#.

This basic hull kit does not include dimensional lumber as those are best fit on-site. It also does not include cloth or epoxy, we can provide pricing on request.

Length:  14ft 3-1/2in
Beam:  5ft 9-1/4in
Draft:  7-3/4in
Displacement (load waterline):  775lbs
Dry weight with outboard:  165lbs
Power:  30 HP outboard motor