Bella 10 Skiff basic hull kit

Common price: $599.00 Our price: $599.00 each Weight: 250 lb
Width: 8 ft
Length: 4 ft
Height: 0.5 ft

The Bella 10 (formerly 5x10 skiff) is a wonderfully easy-to-build yet beautiful and fast rowing skiff. The least expensive kit in the catalog, an excellent way to get started in boatbuilding.

Originally designed to build in one weekend from one 5' x 10' sheet of marine plywood, our kits are designed to fit on 1 1/2, 4' x 8' sheets. 

Still one weekend, but slightly less plywood required.

Unlike most other kits in our catalog, it doesn't require a construction jig, but it does include all the plywood you need. Supply your own cloth, epoxy and dimensional lumber or we can supply it for you.


Length 9ft 8-1/2in
Beam 3ft 8-3/4in
Draft 6-1/8in
Displacement 305lbs
Hull dry weight 52lbs

 Sam describes the Bella 10 thusly;

In my explanation for the 5 x 10 Skiff (see below), I left room for a better name recommendation. Thus, the Bella 10 was born. A customer came in with a requirement for a 12 foot version of our successful 5 x 10 Skiff. Being the prolific, talented, and handsome designers we are at Devlin Boats, a decision was made to round out this little corner of our Design Catalog with three models. The 5 x 10 remains the same, albeit with a different name. This series has come to be named after my faithful black lab, Bella. For more than a decade she has accompanied me on all manner of nautical adventures and something about a little skiff just looks more "right" with a dog involved. It's a perfect name. I even showed her the completed plans. She was not impressed but later that same day, I noticed a distant look in her eyes which I can only surmise is born of her mid-winter dreams of spending a little time on her namesake, fooling about the bay with her best friend!

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