Oolichan 13


The Oolichan follows our Candlefish line of boats. Her striking differences are a much wider and more stable boat, one that can handle more horsepower and has much improved speed capabilities. The kit uses the bridgedeck arrangement that we originally used in the Candlefish 13 and 16 models. The idea is that the captain can handle the boat from the rear side seats port or starboard and passengers can use simple and comfortable folding padded seats to sit on the front of the bridgedeck facing directly forward. All the gear and various items one might carry on a skiff like this and that typically are a stew around your feet can be stowed and kept organized in the lockable bridgedeck, out of sight and secure. Crab or shrimp pots can be baited without bending down, which can save lower back pain and we really like this version for its innovative take on a proper skiff design. Another modification for those of you that need casting platforms is that the bridge deck can be carried forward to the bulkhead #1 and give you a great area for fishing.

Speed with modest load and a 30hp outboard would be something around 30 mph but you can also put much smaller outboards on her if you choose. Long shaft 20” height outboards are the best fit.
Keel and bilge keels help keep her bottom clean and unblemished when beaching her and we really like a small trailer as a pairing to her to keep launching and retrieving as simple as possible.
It would be very difficult to imagine a more capable and versatile skiff.

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Oolichan bridgedeck $2,830.31 each
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