Surf Scoter 22

It has been over 20 years now since we first conceived of and built the first of our venerable Surf Scoter 22 vessels and it was high time that we sat down to the drafting table, put the thinking cap on, and re-think and re-conceive the design. Many things have changed over the years and in todays world it’s almost impossible to buy a 2 stroke outboard engine. The 4 cycle outboards have taken over the market and brief forays into small diesel inboards and larger diesel Stern drives have all come and gone. What makes the most sense in todays market, with the cost of everything boat related in the far stratosphere price-wise, is to use the wonderfully quiet, smooth running, and efficient 4 cycle outboards that are so readily available these days. Mounting them on the transom makes the most sense and this gives a cockpit that has the space to accommodate everything in use from the fisherman to the long distance cruiser.
In addition to updating our traditional Pilothouse model, we have produced a cruiser model with a stretched Pilothouse with a neat enclosed head so that those skippers amongst us that desire our first mates to come along on our cruising adventures will be equipped to keep them comfortable and agreeable! There is still plenty of room for a galley, helm and co-helm seats in the pilothouse with 6-4 headroom. Under the foredeck, you’ll find sitting headroom in the port and starboard berths and with a filler plugged into the middle, a huge double berth can be made up.

This new model is quite a bit wider than the older version and the resulting stability will be appreciated by all. With a 90 hp outboard on the stern, the top speed is 26mph and a cruising speed of 18 mph is quiet and economical with a fuel burn of less than 4 gph at speed.


Length:  22'-9"
 6.9 m
Beam: 8'-2"
Draft: 1'-6"  (at full displacement)
Power: 90hp Outboard
Dry weight w/ engine & battery: 3700 lbs approx
Weight at load waterline:  4290 lbs
Trailering weight with trailer: 4600lbs approx
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Surf Scoter 22 Pilot Basic hull kit $10,888.91 each
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Surf Scoter 22 Cruiser Basic hull kit $10,888.91 each
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