The Shrimper version of the Pelicano 18 has the heart of a workboat in a modern, fast planing hull.

 Sam Devlin has a reputation for designing really eye-catching “character” boats. Perish the thought, but I’ve even heard them described as “cute”. Because of that, they are often underrated for their utility, sensibility, durability and performance. The Pelicano is a really excellent example of a comfortable, practical medium-sized skiff that really looks spectacular. The Devlin Pelicano is a versatile and useful real-world design because Sam has designed three separate “flavors” on the basic fast, comfortable and rugged Pelicano hullform. 

The Pelicano Shrimper is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to maximize practicality in an 18′ 4″ package. The design has a small cabin forward, with enough space for a v-berth for the occasional overnight.  The design has ample dry storage below.

 The Pelicano Hull is a very fast planing design, with a rugged purpleheart keel capped with a stainless rubrail to avoid damage if you want to poke ashore. That keel also accounts for her comfortable ride, because it helps to cut the water, thus minimizing pounding.

 The Pelicano has a six panel hull with two bottoms and two side panels to each side, giving an attractive hull that can be built “Devlin Tough” with her cold molded bottom, and modern Stitch and Glue construction. There is plenty of structure in her to keep this hull stiff, stable, and strong and she assembles over a mandrel of 5 athwart ships bulkheads and two longitudinals. This construction method is really quite amazing and results in a very strong and tough hull.

 Like all Pelicanos, the maximum HP is 70, and you can realistically expect over 40mph with that kind of power.

 And finally, the Pelicano is an easily trailerable design, adding to its basic versatility, and helping you to find your own boating adventures.



Length: 18ft 5 1/4in
5.63 m
Beam: 7ft 5 3/8in
Draft: 10 5/8in  (at full displacement)
Power: Outboard Motor 70hp max
Dry weight w/ engine & battery: 1,490 lbs
Weight at load waterline: 2,130 lbs
Trailering weight with trailer: 2,300lbs

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Pelicano 18 Shrimper Basic Hull Kit $5,226.11 each
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