Devlin Designing Boatbuilders, In collaboration with West Satsop CNC, has brought the Devlin design catalog to independent boatbuilders as a precision cut CNC kit. All of Sam’s construction plans enable you to build from raw materials, but the value of the kit is twofold. First, we source the best materials for your project. Second, the accuracy of CNC cutting ensures that you will have an easy time building your boat straight and true. The kits provide a solid foundation for building your boat the way you want to build it.

Power? Sail? Rowing? Dozens of Devlin designs are available from the catalog menu link.

This website, is intended to be a companion ecommerce site to - much more information is available than can be duplicated here. This site includes just a taste of the variety of designs available at - if you don't see the design what you want to build here, drop us a note.

The foundation of our approach to kit building is a computer-cut assembly jig, the girder design of which assures that the bulkheads are aligned, level and parallel to within a very tight tolerance. This jig removes much of the guesswork, time and risk from building a boat. The jig can be assembled and the bulkheads aligned in it within a half day.

The long hull panels are assembled by epoxy-gluing together puzzle joints cut in the ends of each 8-foot long piece. Those splices (or scarphs) have passed a variety of engineering and practical tests here at our shop. They are simple, they are strong and they assure good alignment. They work quite well.

Combined with our stitch and glue approach, Devlin kits make boatbuilding accessible to everyone.

Devlin kits are available in a number of designs, see the catalog on the right menu.

The Basic Plywood Kit includes:

  • CNC-cut hull, bulkheads and cabin sides made from BS1088 marine plywood
  • An assembly jig made of construction plywood to assure accurate fit-up
  • Instructions and plans
  • Shipped on a 4x8 pallet via truck
  • Long parts are joined with our engineered puzzle-splices which assure that the panels are strong and properly aligned

All boats are delivered F.O.B. Olympia, WA and shipping is at the purchaser’s cost. We've included a continental USA flat-rate shipping option in the shopping cart, but if you'd like us to price the exact shipping to your location, give Sam or Lee a call at 360.866.0164

We offer a wide range of options to assist you with your project such as epoxy, dimensional lumber (for parts like sheer clamps and rub rails), cloth and hardware and much more. 

The kits are cut to order, so please allow three weeks for production.